What is it?

Based on years of experience in many projects our football professionals can consult on specific topics regarding talent development, management and youth football. A consulting assignment is always tailored to the specific needs.

Together with the customer we can tackle a broad range of areas such as:

Corporate management of the club:

  • What is your strategy regarding talent development?
  • How do you structure your club to implement your talent development strategy?
  • What is an optimal human recources set-up regarding recruitment, development and evaluation of your staff?

Operational management of the academy:

  • How to manage the different operational departments of your academy (e.g. football, scouting, medical, social welfare,…)?

Football development programme of the club and the academy:

  • What is your club’s football philosophy taking into account building blocks such as culture, playing style and principles?
  • How to define and implement an age group related curriculum?
  • How to structure your training sessions and connect your exercises with your curriculum?
  • How to identify, select and recruit talent?
  • Are your physical and mental development plans defined? Are they connected to the game?
  • How to set up a coaching model? How do you create an optimal learning environment?
  • How to optimise player potential? Do you use an action based personal development plan?

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For whom and what level?

Consulting services to improve talent development and optimise player potential are usually provided at a club and academy level.

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Every consulting assignment starts with a scan of the situation “as is” to determine what kind of consultancy is needed.

The scan is turned into a detailed report stating what was found and what could be done to improve the actual status.

We benchmark the club against other clubs in an international context.

Based on this report we will suggest a consulting approach, a scope and a timeline which could vary from a day to multiple years depending on the findings and the needs.

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